typedef struct _DOCWRTPDFBOOKMARK 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_BOOL bAutoBookmark; 
   L_INT nLevelsCount; 
   L_INT nCustomBookmarksCount; 

The DOCWRTPDFBOOKMARK structure provides information about bookmarking PDF document files in DocuemtWriter SDK.

Member Description
uStructSize Size of the structure. This must be set before passing the structure to the LEAD functions. Use sizeof(DOCWRTPDFBOOKMARK) to calculate this value.
pAutoBookmark Pointer to a DOCWRTPDFAUTOBOOKMAR structure that contains information about the creation auto bookmarks.
pCustomBookmark Pointer to a DOCWRTPDFCUSTOMBOOKMARK structure that contains information about the creation custom bookmarks.
bAutoBookmark Flag that indicates whether to use auto or user bookmark. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  TRUE Saves PDF document using auto bookmark.
  FALSE Saves PDF document using custom bookmark.
nLevelsCount Value that represents the total numbers of bookmark levels for the PDF document being saved. The maximum number of levels is ten.
  When bAutoBookmark is TRUE, then nLevelsCount represents the total number of pAutoBookmark. The nLevelsCount value should not be zero.
nCustomBookmarksCount Value that represents the total number of user bookmarks, which are going to be created, when custom bookmarks are used this value should not be zero.


pDOCWRTPDFBOOKMARK is a pointer to a DOCWRTPDFBOOKMARK structure. Declaring a pDOCWRTPDFBOOKMARK variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

Before using the LEADTOOLS Document Writers SDK, unlock it by using the L_SetLicenseFile function. If you want to use the PDF format you must also unlock PDF support with the L_SetLicenseFile function.

This structure is used with the L_DocWriterConvert and L_DocWriterInit functions.

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