File Formats for Which Redirected IO is Not Supported

The following is a list of file formats for which LEADTOOLS does not support the redirected IO functionality. For these file formats, you cannot use L_RedirectIO, L_LoadBitmapMemory, L_LoadMemory, L_LoadMemoryTile, L_SaveBitmapMemory, L_FeedLoad, etc.

CUT - Dr Halo (cut)

FPX - Kodak Formats (PCD and FPX)

IFF - Interchange File Format (iff)

PCD - Kodak Formats (PCD and FPX)

PDF - Portable Document Format (pdf)

except PDF-24-bit with the following subtypes

JPEG YUV 4_1_1

JPEG YUV 4_2_3

JPEG YUV 4_4_4

WMZ - Compressed Windows Metafile Format (wmz)


DXF - Drawing Interchange Format (dxf)

PLT - PLT (plt)


RAW data

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