typedef struct tagANNPOINTEROPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_UINT uFlags; 
   L_INT nPointerHeadM; 
   L_INT nPointerHeadB; 
   L_INT32 nReserved; 

The ANNPOINTEROPTIONS structure contains information about the pointer options of an ANNOBJECT_POINTER or ANNOBJECT_AUTOMATION object.


When calling L_AnnGetPointerOptions function, the uFlags field identifies which fields to retrieve. When calling L_AnnSetPointerOptions function, the uFlags field identifies which fields to set.

For an ANNOBJECT_POINTER object, the length of the head is determined as a linear function of the line width of the object as follow:

LengthOfHead = LineWidth * nPointerHeadM + nPointerHeadB 

Setting nPointerHeadM to 1 or more causes the pointer head length to change as the line width changes. Setting nPointerHeadM to 0, and nPointerHeadB to a non-zero value causes the pointer head length to stay constant, regardless of the line width.

When you create an ANNOBJECT_POINTER object in the automation mode, the values for nPointerHeadM and nPointerHeadB are being obtained from the automation object.

The ANNPOINTEROPTIONS structure is used with the functions L_AnnSetPointerOptions and L_AnnGetPointerOptions

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