#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_LTANN_API L_INT L_AnnSetMetafile(hObject, hMetafile, uType, uFlags)


handle to the annotation object

HMETAFILE hMetafile;

handle to a metafile

L_UINT uType;

constant that indicates the metafile to set

L_UINT uFlags;

flags that determine which objects to process

Sets the metafile for an object that uses a metafile.

Parameter Description
hObject Handle to the annotation object.
hMetafile Handle to a metafile.
uType Constant that indicates the metafile to set. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  ANNMETAFILE_USER [0x7FFF] user-defined metafiles
  ANNMETAFILE_APPROVED [0] predefined metafiles - APPROVED
  ANNMETAFILE_ASSIGNED [1] predefined metafile - ASSIGNED
  ANNMETAFILE_CHECKED [2] predefined metafile -CHECKED
  ANNMETAFILE_COPY [4] predefined metafile - COPY
  ANNMETAFILE_DRAFT [5] predefined metafile - DRAFT
  ANNMETAFILE_EXTENDED [6] predefined metafile - EXTENDED
  ANNMETAFILE_FAX [7] predefined metafile - FAX
  ANNMETAFILE_FAXED [8] predefined metafile - FAXED
  ANNMETAFILE_IMPORTANT [9] predefined metafile - IMPORTANT
  ANNMETAFILE_INVOICE [10] predefined metafile - INVOICE
  ANNMETAFILE_NOTICE [11] predefined metafile - NOTICE
  ANNMETAFILE_OFFICIAL [12] predefined metafile - OFFICIAL
  ANNMETAFILE_ONFILE [13] predefined metafile - ON FILE
  ANNMETAFILE_PAID [14] predefined metafile - PAID
  ANNMETAFILE_PASSED [15] predefined metafile - PASSED
  ANNMETAFILE_PENDING [16] predefined metafile - PENDING
  ANNMETAFILE_PROCESSED [17] predefined metafile - PROCESSED
  ANNMETAFILE_RECEIVED [18] predefined metafile - RECEIVED
  ANNMETAFILE_REJECTED [19] predefined metafile - REJECTED
  ANNMETAFILE_RELEASE [20] predefined metafile - RELEASE
  ANNMETAFILE_SENT [21] predefined metafile - SENT
  ANNMETAFILE_SHIPPED [22] predefined metafile - SHIPPED
  ANNMETAFILE_TOPSECRET [23] predefined metafile - TOP SECRET
  ANNMETAFILE_URGENT [24] predefined metafile - URGENT
  ANNMETAFILE_VOID [25] predefined metafile - VOID
  ANNMETAFILE_HOTSPOT [26] predefined metafile for Hotspots and Freehand hotspots.
  ANNMETAFILE_ENCRYPTOR [27] predefined metafile for an encrypt object in the encryptor state.
  ANNMETAFILE_DECRYPTOR [28] predefined metafile for an encrypt object in the decryptorstate
uFlags Flags that determine which objects to process. Most of the flags apply only to container objects. You can combine values when appropriate by using a bitwise OR ( | ). The following are valid values:
  Value Meaning
  0 Process only the specified object.
  ANNFLAG_SELECTED [0x0001] Process only objects that have the selected property set to TRUE. For getting and setting the selected property, use the L_AnnGetSelected and L_AnnSetSelected functions.
  ANNFLAG_NOTTHIS [0x0004] Process only one level of objects within the specified container, not the container itself. If there are containers within the container, they are modified, but the objects within them are not.
  ANNFLAG_RECURSE [0x0008] Process objects within a container, and within any subcontainers, down to any level.
  ANNFLAG_NOTCONTAINER [0x0002] (Used with ANNFLAG_RECURSE) Process objects within containers, not the containers themselves.
  ANNFLAG_NOINVALIDATE [0x0010] Do not invalidate the affected rectangle in the window. Use this to avoid generating unwanted paint messages.
  ANNFLAG_CHECKMENU [0x0020] Process objects only if the ANNAUTOTEXT_MENU_METAFILE menu item has been selected.



The function was successful.

< 1

An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


The L_AnnSetMetafile function is valid only for the following object types:


Freehand Hotspot



If uType == ANNMETAFILE_USER, then hMetafile is the metafile handle. You can use any of the windows functions to create a metafile.

If uType is one of the ANNMETAFILE_XXX values, the hMetafile value is ignored and the default metafiles are used instead. The annotation DLL has 28 predefined metafiles. You can change the predefined metafiles by using the L_AnnSetPredefinedMetafile function.

The Stamp object (which includes the Rubber Stamp tools) can display text, a bitmap or a metafile. Only one of these three can be displayed at any timesetting the object to one of these destroys any settings for the other two.

Initially, the Stamp object displays text. The difference between the Stamp and the Rubber Stamp is that initially whereas the Stamp does not display an image, the Rubber Stamp tools are set to display different metafiles (one for each rubber stamp selection). Initially, the Hotspot, Freehand Hotspot, and Encrypt objects are also set to display predefined metafiles.

Calling the L_AnnSetMetafile function changes the metafile for the selected objects. Any new objects will still get the default metafile. To change the default metafiles for newly created objects that use metafiles, call the L_AnnSetPredefinedMetafile function.

Call the L_AnnGetMetafile function to retrieve a metafile for an object.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64.

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