typedef struct _FILETXTOPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_BOOL bEnabled; 
   L_COLORREF crFontColor; 
   L_COLORREF crHighlight; 
   L_INT nFontSize; 
   L_TCHAR szFaceName[LF_FACESIZE]; 
   L_BOOL bBold; 
   L_BOOL bItalic; 
   L_BOOL bUnderLine; 
   L_BOOL bStrikeThrough; 
   L_BOOL bUseSystemLocale; 
   L_COLORREF crBackColor; 

The FILETXTOPTIONS structure provides information on loading TXT files in LEADTOOLS.


pFILETXTOPTIONS is a pointer to a FILETXTOPTIONS structure.

Text files have no physical width or height in pixels. You can use RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS to control how the final document is rendered as a raster image. For more information, refer to RASTERIZEDOCOPTIONS.

The following functions make use of this structure:



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