LEADTOOLS reads and writes ABIC files.

ABIC (Adaptive Bi-level Image Compression) file format is a raster file format created by IBM. This file format consists of ABIC compression/decompression algorithms that uses an arithmetic coding technique to produce lossless data compression, these algorithms called ABIC (Bi-level Q-Coder) compression algorithm and Concatenated ABIC (Grayscale) compression algorithm.

LEADTOOLS can Load/Save (compression/decompression) ABIC Raw data separately.

The default extension used by this format is: ICA, ABIC (for raw data).

This file format does not support progressive loads and saves, multi-page files, stamps, or Lossless JPEG compression.

Support for this file format can be unlocked using the following support constant: L_SUPPORT_ABIC_READ, L_SUPPORT_ABIC_SAVE.

The file constants associated with this file format are:

Constant Read Support Write Support Description
FILE_ABIC 1, 4 BPP 1, 4 BPP [185] Raw ABIC compressed data

Required DLLs and Libraries

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Win32, x64.

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