Changes from Version 14.5 to Version 15

This latest remaster of the LEADTOOLS family of imaging toolkits is packed with more updates and new features. This release offers new AJAX-enabled controls for developing interactive web applications, support for JPEG 2000 Part 2, improved documentation, new tutorials, and much more.

Version 15 of this C API has changed from version 14.5 as follows:

<span class="deprecated-leadlabel-id">Vector</span> 
-   CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile): This version adds raster, restricted text, polymarker,cell array, 3-point circular arc, and CGM objects. 
-   DGN (Intergraph Format): Now supports symbology levels, with enhanced color and text rendering. 
-   DWG (AutoCAD Format): Now supports DWG2004, leader objects, and directional (2D) extrusion, with an optimized block and entity parser; improved color, line type, block, and extent support; and enhanced polyline, circle, ellipse, arc, spline, multi-line, attribute, and raster object performance. 
-   DXF (Drawing Interchange Format): This version includes an updated DXF parser; updates algorithms for drawing objects and adds extrusion support; improves the rendering of model and paper space; adds entity block rendering, multi-line objects, multi-line text objects, end arrows, and width and bulge values for polyline objects; and enhances performance for ellipse rotation, arc angles, hatchures, splines, and attributes. 
-   SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): Now supports gradient brushes, hyperlinks, transformation matrices, and class styles, and enhances elliptical paths, arcs, text, and SVG objects. 
<span class="deprecated-leadlabel-id">Raster</span> 
-   PSD (Photoshop Format): Adds support for saving Unicode layer names, and enhances reading layers, masks, and alpha channels. 

Example updates:

Implementing an Automated Annotation Program has been updated

Tutorial updates:

The following tutorials have been added:

Topic updates:

The following topics have been added:

Changed or removed functions and structures:

New functions in this version:


- L_AnnCalibrateRulerSuccessive

Image File Information 

- L_SetFilterInfo

Image Processing Functions 

- L_ColoredPencilBitmapExt

Loading and Saving Transparency Data for PNG Files 

File Settings



Magnifying Glass

JPEG 2000 file format

XPS File Format

New structures

For more information, refer to:

What's New in LEADTOOLS

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