Changes from Version 14.5 to Version 15 - Raster Imaging C API Help

Changes from Version 14.5 to Version 15

This latest remaster of the LEADTOOLS family of imaging toolkits is packed with more updates and new features. This release offers new AJAX-enabled controls for developing interactive web applications, support for JPEG 2000 Part 2, improved documentation, new tutorials, and much more.

Version 15 of this C API has changed from version 14.5 as follows:

Example updates:

Implementing an Automated Annotation Program has been updated

Tutorial updates:

The following tutorials have been added:

Topic updates:

The following topics have been added:

Changed or removed functions and structures:

New functions in this version:


- L_AnnCalibrateRulerSuccessive

Image File Information 

- L_SetFilterInfo

Image Processing Functions 

- L_ColoredPencilBitmapExt

Loading and Saving Transparency Data for PNG Files 

File Settings



Magnifying Glass

JPEG 2000 file format

XPS File Format

New structures

For more information, refer to:

What's New in LEADTOOLS

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