Feature Description

LEADTOOLS ABC (Advanced Bitonal Compression) is a major breakthrough in document image compression technology. The proprietary 1-bit compression developed by LEAD Technologies outperforms all industry-standard compression types. With LEADTOOLS ABC, customers realize file sizes that are 4 to 5 times smaller than those generated by standard 1-bit compression types such as CCITT Group 4 and JBIG.  LEADTOOLS ABC was specifically designed for efficient network transmission of scanned manuals, books, checks, and other document types. 

The power behind LEADTOOLS ABC technology is LEAD's lossless black and white image compression. LEAD Technologies is an early leader in turning the latest advancements in image compression into productive, functional implementations for commercial use. In addition, LEADTOOLS supports ABC data stored in single or multi-page TIFF.

LEADTOOLS ABC helps companies optimize scanned documents to decrease transmission rates, bandwidth usage, and storage space, resulting in savings of time and money. Many financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies back up their important documents by scanning and archiving the resulting images to servers as TIFF files or other common bitonal file formats. Using LEADTOOLS ABC, storage space can be significantly reduced, and the lower bandwidth usage will yield savings in transmission costs.

Overview of LEADTOOLS ABC Image Compression SDK Technology

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