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UsePdfEngine Property

Gets or sets a value to force using the LEADTOOLS PDF Engine (Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll) when loading PDF files.
public bool UsePdfEngine { get; set; } 
public boolean getUsePdfEngine() 
public void setUsePdfEngine(boolean value) 
property bool UsePdfEngine { 
   bool get(); 
   void set (    bool ); 
UsePdfEngine # get and set (CodecsPdfLoadOptions) 

Property Value

Value Description
true To force using the LEADTOOLS PDF Engine (Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll) when loading PDF files.
false To not force using the LEADTOOLS PDF Engine (Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll) when loading PDF files.

To load or save PDF documents to/from a raster image in LEADTOOLS, you use the Leadtools.Pdf.dll assembly. This is the file filter for the PDF format (as well as Postscript and Enhanced Postscript). Use this assembly as any other file filter in LEADTOOLS, such as Leadtools.Codecs.Bmp.dll for BMP support and Leadtools.Codecs.Tif.dll for TIF support.

In addition to Leadtools.Pdf.dll, the Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll assembly is required in the following situations:

  • When loading Postscript (PS) or Enhanced Postscript (EPS) files. This is always needed regardless of the value of the UsePdfEngine option described below.

  • When the value of CodecsPdfLoadOptions.UsePdfEngine is set to true (The default value is false). When this option is used, then LEADTOOLS will use both Leadtools.Pdf.dll and Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll when loading PDF files. This is provided for legacy support.

Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll contains many resources such as tables and fonts required to render a PDF image (if one of the options above is satisfied and also always for PS and EPS files). This DLL is not referenced in a direct way by the file filter; instead it is loaded dynamically and out of a process if needed. You must ensure that this DLL is present on the machine. By default, it is required to have this DLL in the same directory where the file filter is located. However, to share many instances of the Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll assembly between many applications, use the CodecsPdfOptions.InitialPath property.

Note that if the application does not require the PDF Engine, (for example, the application is only loading and saving PDF files as raster images), then the Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll is not required to be present on the machine. Leadtools.Pdf.dll is always required, regardless. Leadtools.Pdf.Utilities.dll is used out of process and can slow down loading PDF documents. It is best to load PDF files with the UsePdfEngine set to false (the default value) for maximum performance.


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