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CodecsHtmlEngine Enumeration


The HTML engine to use when rendering HTML files.

public enum CodecsHtmlEngine 
   enum class CodecsHtmlEngine sealed 
class CodecsHtmlEngine(Enum): 
   Auto = 0 
   IE = 1 
   WebKit = 2 
   WebView2 = 3 
Value Member Description
0 Auto Use the default engine for the platform
1 IE Use Internet Explorer
2 WebKit Use the WebKit rendering engine (requires additional download)
3 WebView2 Use the Microsoft Edge WebView2 rendering engine

LEADTOOLS currently supports the following HTML rendering engines:

  • IE (Internet Explorer)

This engine uses the default Internet Explorer rendering engine that comes with the Windows operating system.

This engine is only supported by the Windows platform.

  • WebKit Requires additional download

This engine uses the WebKit rendering engine. For more information, refer to WebKit Rendering Engine Support.

This engine is supported by the Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

  • WebView2 (Microsoft Edge)

This engine uses the Microsoft Edge WebView2 rendering engine. The WebView2 rendering engine is supported by some Windows platforms. It comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and 11, but can be installed on earlier versions (Windows 7, 8 and some Windows Server versions) from Download the WebView2 Runtime . WebView2 contains the full list of platforms that support WebView2.

The WebKit and WebView2 engines require the ability to load PDF files. So you must unlock RasterSupportType.RasterPdfRead or RasterSupportType.PdfAdvanced.

  • Auto

The following behavior occurs when Auto (the default value) is used:


  1. LEADTOOLS will check if Microsoft Edge WebView2 engine is installed on your computer and if RasterSupportType.RasterPdfRead or RasterSupportType.PdfAdvanced are unlocked. If Edge WebView2 engine is available and PDF support is unlocked, WebView2 will be used.
  2. LEADTOOLS will search for Leadtools.WebKitEngine/ltWebKitEngine and wkhtmltox.dll/so. If found, then WebKit is used.
  3. If the first two are unavailable, IE is used.

Linux/macOS: Will always search for ltWebKitEngine and wkhtmltox.so. If not found, then loading of HTML is not supported.


For an example, refer to CodecsHtmlOptions.


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