LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Stream SDK technology is a complete solution to play, convert, capture, and create MPEG-2 Transport Streams for .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ developers. MPEG-2 Transport Stream is one of the most popular multimedia formats today and is used in digital television, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Blu-ray media, and more. LEADTOOLS is one of the most feature-packed MPEG-2 Transport Stream libraries on the market with robust error correction and KLV metadata.

MPEG-2 Transport Stream is a flexible container format that supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.265, and H.264 encoded video. When combined with LEAD's market-leading codec implementations, programmers can add MPEG-2 Transport Stream support to their applications with unparalleled performance in compression rates and playback quality.

Overview of LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport SDK Technology

  • Compatible with all MPEG-2 Transport encoded data, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.265, H.264, AAC, AC3, LPCM, and MPEG Audio
  • Built-in DVR functionality
  • Handles corrupt data, found in some MPEG-2 Transport streams, with no interruption
  • Smooth playback even in low-latency conditions
  • Create and parse any KLV data to create implementations of specifications such as:
  • Add KLV metadata in synchronous and asynchronous modes (MISB STD 0601.4 4 March 2010, MISB STD 0902.1)
  • Capture and play from devices sending hardware-compressed MPEG-2 Transport Streams
  • Demultiplex MPEG-2 Transport Streams in both push and pull mode
  • Automatically insert and verify CRC32 error detection checksums
  • Seek in byte mode to provide more control over the seeking process especially in files with bad or corrupt timestamps
  • UDP streaming can be with or without RTP packets
  • Monitor receipt of data from multiple streams for synchronized playback
  • Set threshold to control playback drift and lag of live streams—important for applications such as remote UAV control that require the end user to be sure that what is seen is in real time
  • Create and receive live MPEG-2 Transport compliant streams
  • Create MPEG-2 Transport streams compatible with the TV broadcast requirements
  • Manually set PID of each stream
  • MPEG-2 Transport functionality provided via .NET (C# & VB) and C DLL libraries for 32 and 64-bit development

Technology Related to MPEG-2 Transport

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Documentation Links for MPEG-2 Transport

White Papers Written About MPEG-2 Transport

  • Harnessing MPEG-2 Transport Stream with LEADTOOLS

    Like many booming industries, audio and video streaming is supported by a large cast of technologies serving in a wide variety of roles from high-end military drones to home entertainment and everything in between. The cast takes the form of audio and video compression algorithms within codecs, multiplexers, demultiplexers, and the applications that bring them to life. Of these, MPEG-2 Transport Stream has emerged as one of the most versatile and widely used video streaming formats. This white paper will dive into the many advantages and uses for MPEG-2 Transport Stream and how to incorporate it into your application with LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDKs.

Screenshots of MPEG-2 Transport

MPEG-2 Transport Demo with KLV Data

MPEG-2 Transport Demo with KLV Data

LEADTOOLS SDK Products that Include MPEG-2 Transport

LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite v20

The LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite SDK is a comprehensive collection of multimedia development technology that provides developers with everything they need to create enterprise-level multimedia applications for a wide variety of industries, including defense, broadcast, security, and more. By bundling features from the Multimedia SDK, DVD Module, Streaming Module, MPEG-2 Transport Module, Imaging Pro SDK, and Distributed Computing SDK, Multimedia Suite offers a tremendous value for the world-class technology it provides.

LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module v20

The LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module includes the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK and a collection of state-of-the-art DirectShow filters and Media Foundation Transforms to compress and decompress video and audio data within DICOM files. This feature-rich product is designed to eliminate the complexity from converting multi-frame (cine) images and video streams to DICOM objects, including X-ray Angiography (XA), Ultrasound (US), Visible Light (VL), and Secondary Capture (SC). The LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module utilizes the most advanced compression algorithms in the industry and approved by the DICOM standard, including MPEG-2, HD MPEG-2, Motion JPEG, Motion JPEG 2000, and H.264.

LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module v20

The LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module adds advanced MPEG-2 Transport and MPEG-2 Program streaming, playback, capture, and conversion capabilities to the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK. Developers can utilize robust UDP and TCP streaming with DVR and KLV metadata to create a wide spectrum of applications, including security systems, HDTV playback, and UAV ground stations.