Custom Development Services for SDK Enhancements, Compiler/OS Ports, and Custom Application Development

To complement LEAD's award-winning development tools and imaging utilities, we offer professional development services. LEAD's development staff has more than 400 years of combined experience in digital imaging and software development. By engaging our experts, you can save countless hours of R&D and coding time, not to mention leverage LEAD's extensive programming experience in the field of digital imaging, multimedia, medical, and document processing. Not only can you get to market quicker, your product will have the quality and performance your customer demands.

 Development Services Offered By LEAD

LEAD offers professional development services in the following categories:

 Please Read Carefully Before Submitting A Request For Quotation ("RFQ")

LEAD's primary business is developing LEADTOOLS, our line of software development toolkits and imaging utilities. We offer professional development services to complement our product line and as a means to provide superior service to our customers.

LEAD is NOT a "custom development shop" or "programmer for hire" business. If you are looking for low-cost development options based on fixed hourly rates or a consulting relationship, it is likely that our professional services will not be of interest to you.

Pricing for a development project will be based on a number of factors, including:

The experience level of the LEAD developer who will be assigned to the project.
Naturally, a senior programmer is going to cost more than a junior programmer. In addition, a senior-level programmer will be more likely to have a full schedule for the foreseeable future, therefore it is more costly to reallocate his or her time.

Your delivery schedule requirements.
If your schedule is flexible, it may have a positive (in your favor) impact on the development cost.

The assigned developer's current work schedule.
If the project will involve a programmer that is currently working on a crucial piece of a future product release, a premium will be required to move the programmer off of the product schedule. The more senior the programmer, the more likely it is that the programmer will be working on a crucial, time-sensitive LEADTOOLS project.

The re-usability of the development work.
If LEAD believes the requested development work will be a substantial enhancement to our product with wide appeal, it can have a positive (in your favor) impact on the development cost. We will also be more likely to reallocate our engineering resources to accommodate the request. On the other hand, if the modification is of little use to our customer base, we will take this into account in our quotation process.

Is there a licensing opportunity?
If we are modifying a royalty-bearing product and you are forecasting a substantial rollout, we will take this into account in the development fee quotation.

Do you have an exclusivity requirement?
If you are requesting that we do not re-license the modification or enhancement to other customers, a premium will be required.

The actual cost of the work in terms of man hours and any other expenses such as hardware, third-party software, and travel are relevant.
Naturally, we will take into account these customary factors in the quotation process.

 Alternatives to Professional Development Services

We recognize that our approach to professional development services may not meet each prospect's objectives. If you have a project that is outside the scope of the professional services that we provide, or if your budget does not permit you to engage LEAD as developer, you may wish to consider the following options:

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