Get Started with the Document Analyzer Demo

This tutorial shows how to configure and use the Document Analyzer Demo.

Summary This tutorial covers how to use the LEADTOOLS Document Analyzer Demo.
Completion Time 5 minutes
Platform .NET
IDE Visual Studio 2017, 2019
Development License Download LEADTOOLS

Required Knowledge

Be sure to download and install the LEADTOOLS SDK, and make sure the license and key files are located in the <INSTALL_DIR>\LEADTOOLS22\Support\Common\License directory. To set the license, refer to the Add References and Set a License tutorial.

The installed LEADTOOLS SDK contains a Document Analyzer Demo. It harnesses the power of LEAD's image processing technology to intelligently identify the document components and features used to recognize and classify scanned documents. It provides a set of classes and interfaces for automated, unstructured forms processing. This framework provides a high-level way to use LEADTOOLS form information extraction within text, as well as the functionality to complete different actions. Users can inherit from the framework's interfaces to implement their own custom repositories as well.

Open the Document Analyzer Demo

Navigate to the example source code for the project:


Open the project in Visual Studio and execute the application using Start or F5.

Using the Document Analyzer Demo

In this demo, information from a document can be highlighted or redacted depending on a set of rules. After opening the Document Analyzer Demo, notice that a sample file is automatically displayed and a ruleset is already loaded on the left of the demo.

To see the sample, simply press Run or CTRL+SHIFT+F5. After the demo is done processing, notice certain information is highlighted. Now look in the Results section which displays the information that was highlighted. The rulesets determine what information in the document is chosen to be highlighted or redacted.

Select StandardRule and in the dropdown options for the Value list, choose Price. Click OK. Click Run. Notice the prices are highlighted with the information previously highlighted.

Create a customized rule with CustomRule, and quickly highlight or redact information by highlighting the information and then selecting AutoRule. Highlight information in the document by selecting the Highlight icon below:

Highlighting Information in the Document

Redact information in the document by selecting the Redact icon below:

Redacting Information in the Document

Analyze the document by opening the File menu and selecting Open Document.

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