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ImageRectangle Property


Rectangle that specifies the portion of the image to print.

public Rectangle ImageRectangle { get; set; } 
   property System::Drawing::Rectangle^ ImageRectangle 
      System::Drawing::Rectangle^ get() 
      void set(System::Drawing::Rectangle^ value) 

Property Value

A System.Drawing.Rectangle that specifies the portion of the image to print.


This rectangle must be in image coordinates. To convert between image and device coordinates refer to RectangleFromImage and RectangleToImage

You can also pass Rectangle.Empty to use the whole image.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Controls; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
// The image we are printing 
private RasterImage myRasterImage = null; 
public void RasterImagePrinterExample2() 
   // Check if there are printers installed on this machine 
   if (PrinterSettings.InstalledPrinters == null || PrinterSettings.InstalledPrinters.Count < 1) 
      Debug.WriteLine("There are no printers installed on this machine"); 
   // Load the image 
   using (RasterCodecs codecs = new RasterCodecs()) 
      this.myRasterImage = codecs.Load(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "Ocr1.tif")); 
   // Create the print document object 
   using (PrintDocument document = new PrintDocument()) 
      // We will use the default printer with default settings 
      // Add handlers for Begin/Print and End print events 
      document.BeginPrint += new PrintEventHandler(printDocument_BeginPrint); 
      document.PrintPage += new PrintPageEventHandler(printDocument_PrintPage); 
      document.EndPrint += new PrintEventHandler(printDocument_EndPrint); 
      // Use the .NET print preview dialog 
      using (PrintPreviewDialog printPreviewDlg = new PrintPreviewDialog()) 
         printPreviewDlg.Document = document; 
         printPreviewDlg.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized; 
   // Clean up 
private void printDocument_BeginPrint(object sender, PrintEventArgs e) 
   // Reset the current page number 
   // Since we are using the print preview dialog, this event will be called twice (once 
   // to generate the print preview and once for actual printing). So, we must set this back 
   // to the first print page if we are going to print more than one page 
private void printDocument_EndPrint(object sender, PrintEventArgs e) 
   // Nothing to do here 
private void printDocument_PrintPage(object sender, PrintPageEventArgs e) 
   // Get the print document object 
   PrintDocument document = sender as PrintDocument; 
   // Create an new LEADTOOLS image printer class 
   RasterImagePrinter printer = new RasterImagePrinter(); 
   // Set the document object so page calculations can be performed 
   printer.PrintDocument = document; 
   // We are going to stretch the top-left corner of the image into the bottom-right corner of 
   // the page (using the page margins) 
   printer.SizeMode = RasterPaintSizeMode.Stretch; 
   // Align mode will not have an effect if size mode is "Stretch" 
   printer.HorizontalAlignMode = RasterPaintAlignMode.Near; 
   printer.VerticalAlignMode = RasterPaintAlignMode.Near; 
   // Account for FAX images that may have different horizontal and vertical resolution 
   printer.UseDpi = true; 
   // Print the top-left corner of the image 
   printer.ImageRectangle = new Rectangle( 
      this.myRasterImage.ImageWidth / 2, 
      this.myRasterImage.ImageHeight / 2); 
   // Use the margins 
   printer.UseMargins = true; 
   // Calculate the real margins 
   float xMargin = e.MarginBounds.X; 
   float yMargin = e.MarginBounds.Y; 
   if (!document.PrintController.IsPreview) 
      // Real printing (Not inside a .NET PrintPreview control), get the printer hard margins 
      xMargin -= document.DefaultPageSettings.HardMarginX; 
      yMargin -= document.DefaultPageSettings.HardMarginY; 
      // If you want to use the page bounds instead of the margins, use this to calculate it 
      // RectangleF pageBounds = e.PageBounds; 
      // pageBounds.Width -= document.DefaultPageSettings.HardMarginX * 2; 
      // pageBounds.Height -= document.DefaultPageSettings.HardMarginY * 2; 
      // If you want to use the page bounds instead of the margins, use this to calculate it 
      // RectangleF pageBounds = e.PageBounds; 
   // Print to the bottom right corner of the page including the margins 
   float destWidth = e.MarginBounds.Width / 2; 
   float destHeight = e.MarginBounds.Height / 2; 
   RectangleF marginBounds = new RectangleF(xMargin + destWidth, yMargin + destHeight, destWidth, destHeight); 
   printer.PageRectangle = marginBounds; 
   // Print the first current page 
   printer.Print(this.myRasterImage, 1, e); 
   // No more pages to print 
   e.HasMorePages = false; 
   // De-couple our PrintDocument from the RasterImagePrinter 
   printer.PrintDocument = null; 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS23\Resources\Images"; 

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