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CalculateInertia Property


When non-null, used to calculate the inertia scroll offset.

public CalculateInertiaCallback CalculateInertia { get; set; } 
   property CalculateInertiaCallback^ CalculateInertia 
      CalculateInertiaCallback^ get() 
      void set(CalculateInertiaCallback^ value) 

Property Value

A CalculateInertiaCallback that will calculate the inertia scroll deceration offsets. The default value is DefaultCalculateInertia. If null, DefaultCalculateInertia is used.


DefaultCalculateInertia makes use of the values of DefaultBezierPoint1, DefaultBezierPoint2, DefaultDuration, and DefaultPower to return the new inertia scroll offset. The Bézier function is defined by the four points (0,0), DefaultBezierPoint1, DefaultBezierPoint2, (1,1) and defines the percent of total distance for the inertia animation.

CalculateInertia can make use of the properties in InertiaParams, specifically InertiaParams.Amplitude, InertiaParams.Velocity, and InertiaParams.ReasonTimestamp, to completely control how any individual inertia scroll will animate.

InertiaParams.Stop must be used to end the inertia scroll. Failure to set InertiaParams.Stop to true may cause the inertia scroll to run indefinitely.


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