Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS DICOM Edit Control is a sophisticated control that can be used to build elegant DICOM editors and to simplify the code associated with the display of detailed information stored in a DICOM data set.

The LEADTOOLS DICOM Edit Control leverages LEADTOOLS internal DICOM dictionaries (i.e., IOD and Tag tables) to provide visual cues to the user about the requirements of a specific tag (i.e., Type 1, Type 2, etc.) with respect to the IOD class (i.e., modality type), data type allowed, and additional information about the use of the tag. Users can also associate a set of predefined values that are allowed for a tag. The values can be based on DICOM standard imposed restrictions (i.e., defined terms or enumerated values in IOD definition) or implementation specific restrictions (i.e., site specific).

Overview of DICOM Edit Control

Technology Related to DICOM Edit Control