Feature Description

LEADTOOLS medical imaging SDKs offer .NET (C# & VB), C/C++, WinRT, iOS, OS X, Java and web developers a variety of DICOM and medical image annotation options to create solutions to annotate DICOM, grayscale, bitonal and color images. LEADTOOLS medical image and DICOM annotations can be used to mark up an image without changing the image data.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Medical Annotation SDK Technology

Specialized Medical Imaging Annotation Objects

DICOM Annotation Objects

Several annotation objects can be stored as LEADTOOLS annotations or converted to DICOM annotations and stored in a DICOM data set with the Graphic Annotation Module and Grayscale Soft copy Presentation State IOD. The following objects can be converted between LEADTOOLS and DICOM annotation types.

Ease of Use and Control

The simplicity of using LEADTOOLS annotations is extended to both the developer and the end-user. With very little code, the developer can create a fully-automated, dynamic and feature-packed annotation application which is also easy to operate by the end-user. Automation features include mouse event handling, cursors, toolbars, right-click context menus and instant text editing.

With the LEADTOOLS Image Annotation Customizable Features, developers can create new annotation types, change the context menus and toolbars, and localize the dialog strings. End-users can rotate, calibrate and change virtually any visual setting of the annotations on the screen.

Confidence and Security

Enhanced redaction objects hide and encrypt confidential parts of images even in non-LEADTOOLS viewers. When combined with annotation security, these redact objects provide a means of granting user-level access to view redacted areas of an image.

Technology Related to Annotation for Medical Images and DICOM