Feature Description

Web developers can use LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript Annotation SDK to provide zero-footprint, cross-platform image annotation and markup applications. Applications developed with LEADTOOLS JavaScript libraries are usable on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device browser that supports HTML5, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, and more.

LEADTOOLS Annotations include a clean and diverse collection of markup objects and collaborative tools designed to impart visual metadata to digital images and documents which enhance user experience, productivity, and security. Annotations can be added to any file format supported by LEADTOOLS and are most often used in a presentation layer without altering the image, but can also be permanently burned onto the image data.


Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 Annotation SDK Technology

The following are some examples of web browsers that support HTML5 markup:
  • Desktop Browsers
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 9 and later
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Safari
  • Mobile and Tablet Browsers
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10 and later
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Android
    • Firefox Mobile
    • Opera Mobile

Technology Related to HTML5 Image Annotation and Markup