Working with the Existing Bitmap Region

You can save a region in the alpha channel of a 16- or 32-bit file. For an example, refer to L_SetBitmapAlpha.

You can use the L_BitmapHasRgn function to see if a bitmap has a region. If the bitmap has a region, you can do the following with it:

To create a new region, or update an existing region, based on either an HSV range or an RGB range, use L_SetBitmapRgnColorHSVRange or L_SetBitmapRgnColorRGBRange. To convert between HSV and RGB color space, use the L_HSVtoRGB and the L_RGBtoHSV functions.

To create a new curve region, or update an existing region with a curve region, use L_SetBitmapRgnCurve.

To resize a bitmap region a specific number of pixels, use the L_ResizeBitmapRgn function.

Use L_HolesRemovalBitmapRgn to remove holes from a bitmap region.

Regions are not supported on Windows CE.

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