typedef struct L_FILEATTACHMENT 
   L_UINT64 uAttachmentNumber; 
   L_TCHAR * pszFileName; 
   L_TCHAR * pszDisplayName; 
   L_TCHAR * pszDescription; 
   L_UINT64 uFileLength; 
   L_INT64 nTimeCreated; 
   L_INT64 nTimeModified; 
   L_SIZE_T uMetadataCount; 
   L_SIZE_T pReserved1; 
   L_VOID * pReserved2; 

Properties of a single attachment in a file.


L_UINT64 uAttachmentNumber

1-based number of this attachment in the file.

L_TCHAR * pszFileName

File name of the attachment.

L_TCHAR * pszDisplayName

Display name of the attachment. May or may not be the same as pszFileName. This value is optional.

L_TCHAR * pszDescription

Extra description information of this attachment. This value is optional.

L_UINT64 uFileLength

Length of the attachment file in bytes. This value is optional.

L_INT64 nTimeCreated

Time the attachment file is created in Unix (POSIX) time. This value is optional.

L_INT64 nTimeModified

Time the attachment file was last modified in Unix (POSIX) time. This value is optional.

L_SIZE_T uMetadataCount

Number of items in pMetadata.


Generic dictionary containing extra properties of this attachment file. This value is optional.

L_SIZE_T pReserved1

Reserved for future use.

L_VOID * pReserved2

Reserved for future use.


uAttachmentNumber can be passed as the parameter to L_ExtractAttachment to indicate the attachment number to extract.

When L_ReadFileAttachments is called and the file contains attachments, then the value of the uAttachmentNumber of each L_FILEATTACHMENT structure is guaranteed to be consecutive and unique.

pszFileName for an attachment may not be unique in the list of attachments in a file. Therefore, uAttachmentNumber is used to identity the attachment to extract.

pMetadata can be used by the file filter to store any extra attachment properties specific to the file format. For instance, PDF format files may store the object number of the attachment.

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For an example, refer to L_ReadFileAttachments.

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