Creating, Deleting, and Copying Annotation Objects

(Document and Medical Imaging toolkits)

L_AnnCreate creates a new annotation object of a specified type. To create a new annotation object that is a container, call L_AnnCreateContainer. New items can then be added within a container by calling L_AnnCreateItem.

Insert an annotation object into a container by calling L_AnnInsert. Remove an annotation object from a container by calling L_AnnRemove.

Call L_AnnCopy to create a duplicate of an existing annotation object.

To copy an annotation object from an annotation container to the Windows clipboard, call L_AnnCopyToClipboard. Similarly, call L_AnnCutToClipboard to cut a selected annotation object from an annotation container to the clipboard.

Before pasting an annotation object from the Windows clipboard to an annotation container, call L_AnnClipboardReady to ensure that the clipboard contains a pasteable annotation object. If L_AnnClipboardReady returns TRUE, then call L_AnnCopyFromClipboard to paste the annotation object into the annotation container

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