#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_LTANN_API L_INT L_AnnGetBoundingRect(hObject, pRect, pRectName)

Gets the bounding rectangle of the specified annotation object. This is the rectangle in which the object is displayed.



Handle to the annotation object.


Address of the variable to be updated with the annotation object's bounding rectangle. Pass NULL if you do not wish to retrieve this information.

LPRECT pRectName

Address of the variable to be updated with the bounding rectangle of the name of the annotation object. Pass NULL if you do not wish to retrieve this information.


Value Meaning
SUCCESS The function was successful.
< 1 An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


The bounding rectangle is different from the defining rectangle as follows:

Half the width of an object's outer line is outside its defining rectangle, as shown in the following diagram:


If the annotation object name is being displayed (see L_AnnSetNameOptions and L_AnnGetNameOptions for more information on annotation object names), it can appear far away from the annotation object itself. For this reason, a separate bounding rectangle for the annotation object name can be obtained by passing the address of a variable of data type RECT for the argument pRectName.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64.

See Also




This example displays the bounding rectangle for an annotation object,
and the bounding rectangle for the annotation object's name.

L_INT AnnGetBoundingRectExample(HANNOBJECT hObject ) 
   L_INT nRet; 
   RECT     rcAnnObjectBounds; 
   RECT     rcAnnNameBounds; 
   L_TCHAR  szMsg[200]; 
   nRet = L_AnnGetBoundingRect(hObject, &rcAnnObjectBounds, &rcAnnNameBounds); 
   if(nRet != SUCCESS) 
      return nRet; 
   wsprintf(szMsg, TEXT("L_AnnGetBoundingRect\n\tObject Bounds[%d, %d, %d, %d]\n\tName Bounds[%d,%d,%d,%d]"), 
      rcAnnObjectBounds.left, rcAnnObjectBounds.top, rcAnnObjectBounds.right, rcAnnObjectBounds.bottom, 
      rcAnnNameBounds.left, rcAnnNameBounds.top, rcAnnNameBounds.right, rcAnnNameBounds.bottom); 
   MessageBox(NULL, szMsg, TEXT(""), MB_OK); 
   return SUCCESS; 

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