#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_LTANN_API L_INT L_AnnSetOptions(hAutomation, uOptions)

Sets user interface and other annotation options.


HANNOBJECT hAutomation

Handle to the automation object.

L_UINT uOptions

Options to enable. Use a bitwise OR to specify more than one value.

Value Meaning
OPTIONS_NEW_STAMP_METAFILES [0x0001] Uses the new rubber stamp styles.
OPTIONS_NEW_TOOLBAR [0x0002] Displays the new XP style annotation toolbar.
OPTIONS_NEW_ALPHA [0x0004] Displays new "alpha" option in the Fill mode dialog.
OPTIONS_NEW_ROTATE [0x0008] Displays rotate handles on objects in design mode.
OPTIONS_NEW_SIDE_HANDLES [0x0010] Displays side handles on rectangular objects in design mode.
OPTIONS_NEW_MULTI_SELECT [0x0020] Displays a multiselect outline of multiply selected objects, along with the new multi-select resize behavior.
OPTIONS_NEW_CURSORS [0x0040] Displays different cursors for each of the annotation tools, and when hovering over handles in design mode.
OPTIONS_NEW_ESC_CANCEL [0x0080] Allows the user to cancel current action by pressing ESC. Actions include annotation creation and manipulation.
OPTIONS_NEW_CALIBRATE_RULER [0x0100] Enables ruler calibrate feature in design mode
OPTIONS_NEW_DOT_DASH_LINES [0x0200] Draws the dash and dot line styles with line width greater than 1 pixel.
OPTIONS_NEW_TEXT_OPTIONS [0x0400] Enables new text annotation options including show/hide text, show/hide border, and changing text color.
OPTIONS_NEW_MULTILINE_DRAW [0x1000] Two exactly equal points will cancel the object creation.
OPTIONS_NEW_ALL [0x1fff] Enables ALL the new options. The value for this constant is the logical "or" of all the above flags.
OPTIONS_NEW_MULTILINE_DRAW [0x1000] Enables the new multiline draw feature.
OPTIONS_NEW_SNAPTOGRID [0x0800] Enables the snap-to-grid feature.


Value Meaning
SUCCESS The function was successful.
< 1 An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


Some of these features change the way annotations look. Other features change the behavior of the user interface (automated mode). To maintain backward compatibility, the new features are disabled by default. To enable these features, call L_AnnSetOptions with the desired flags. To get current options, call the L_AnnGetOptions function.

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64.

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L_INT AnnSetOptionsExample(HANNOBJECT hAutomation) 
   L_TCHAR* pszMsg = NULL; 
   L_INT    nRet = SUCCESS; 
   L_UINT   uOptions = 0; 
   nRet = L_AnnGetOptions(&uOptions); 
   if (nRet != SUCCESS) 
      return nRet; 
   if (uOptions & OPTIONS_NEW_SIDE_HANDLES) 
      uOptions &= ~OPTIONS_NEW_SIDE_HANDLES; 
      pszMsg = TEXT("Draw a rectangular object and select it.  Note there are no side handles.  Run this example again to enable the side handles."); 
      uOptions |= OPTIONS_NEW_SIDE_HANDLES;  
      pszMsg = TEXT("Draw a rectangular object and select it.  Note the side handles.  Run this example again to disable the side handles."); 
   nRet = L_AnnSetOptions(hAutomation, uOptions); 
   if(nRet != SUCCESS) 
      return nRet; 
   MessageBox(NULL, pszMsg, TEXT("Notice"), MB_OK); 
   return SUCCESS; 
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