Implementing GeoKeys (GeoTIFF tags)

GeoTIFF files support standard TIFF comments and tags, but also contain six additional data tags describing the image location, scale, projection, and other information useful for topographic applications. Use the following functions to work with GeoKeys:

There are 65536 possible GeoKey values. The GeoTIFF specification recommends the following ranges (domains) for GeoTIFF data:

Range Description
0..1023 Do not use: reserved for future use.
1024..2047 GeoTIFF configuration keys.
2048..3071 Geographic/Geocentric CS Parameter Keys.
3072..4095 Projected CS Parameter Keys.
4096..5119 Vertical CS Parameter keys.
5120..32767 Reserved.
32768..65535 Private: use to store your own data.

Note: To save a region inside a TIFF file, you must have an unlocked Document or Medical Imaging license.

For more information about GeoTIFF tags, Predefined GeoKey values, and GeoTIFF Specifications, refer to

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