Correcting Colors

The following functions are designed specifically for adjusting colors in an image:

Function Purpose
L_AdjustBitmapTint Adjusts the bitmap tint by changing the colors in an image using two separate color wheel rotations.
L_AntiAliasBitmap Applies an anti-aliasing filter to a specific bitmap.
L_ApplyMathLogicBitmap Performs specific Mathematical or logical operations on the colors of a bitmap.
L_AutoColorLevelBitmap Makes dark values darker and light values lighter to automatically enhance shadows and brighten the image.
L_BalanceColors Linearizes the number of pixels in a bitmap across RGB, YUV or Gray color space.
L_BumpMapBitmap Adds a three-dimensional texture pattern by applying the bump image to the destination image.
L_ChangeBitmapHue Changes the hue of colors in a bitmap by rotating the color wheel.
L_ChangeBitmapSaturation Increases or decreases the saturation of colors in a bitmap.
L_ChannelMix Rebalances the colors in a bitmap in order to make color adjustments and to correct images which have more color than others.
L_ChangeHueSatIntBitmap Changes the hue, saturation and brightness of all or specified colors in the image. This function combines the functionality found in the L_ChangeBitmapHue, L_ChangeBitmapSaturation, and L_ChangeBitmapIntensity functions and allows you to change the overall hue, saturation and intensity all at one time, or adjust the parameters separately, or make adjustments in successive passes.
L_ColorHalfToneBitmap Creates an enlarged halftone screen for each image channel.
L_ColorReplaceBitmap Replaces specified colors by adjusting values of hue, saturation and brightness.
L_ColorThresholdBitmap Using any one of eight color spaces, resets those bitmaps pixel component values that fall inside or outside of a specified range.
L_ColorIntensityBalance Changes the distribution of the red, green, or blue channels.
L_ColorizeGrayBitmap Colors an 8, 12 or 16-bit grayscale bitmap. The function changes the color bits/pixel of the bitmap from the specified formats into 24-bit RGB format.
L_ColorLevelBitmap Applies color leveling to an image. It changes the image shadows, midtones and highlights.
L_CubismBitmap Remaps the bitmap into a collection of rotated rectangles (cubic faces), in the Cubist style.
L_DrawStarBitmap Draws a star on the bitmap.
L_DryBitmap Simulates painting an image with the watercolor dry brush technique.
L_FreePlaneBendBitmap Wraps the bitmap onto a 3D plane shaped by pnCurve.
L_FreeRadBendBitmap Wraps the bitmap along its radius on a 3D surface shaped by pnCurve.
L_GlassEffectBitmap Divides the image into cells and makes it look as if it is being viewed through glass blocks.
L_GlowFilterBitmap Makes colored edges shine with a neon-like glow.
L_InvertBitmap Inverts the colors in the specified bitmap, making it like a photographic negative.
L_LensFlareBitmap Simulates the secondary reflections caused when bright lights are facing the camera lens.
L_LightBitmap Adds many spots of directed light sources to the bitmap.
L_LightControlBitmap Lightens or darkens all or part of a bitmap by remapping the pixel values.
L_OceanBitmap Reflects the bitmap on an ocean surface.
L_SampleTargetBitmap Corrects color values by shifting the sample colors to the target colors.
L_PlaneBendBitmap Places the bitmap on parallel planes along the Z-axis bent towards a center point.
L_PlaneBitmap Places the bitmap on parallel planes along the Z-axis.
L_RemapBitmapHue Changes a bitmap's hue values using a lookup table.
L_SampleTargetBitmap Corrects color values by shifting the sample colors to the target colors.
L_SelectiveColorBitmap Changes the color of a bitmap by altering the definitions of one or more colors used by the bitmap.
L_SmoothEdgesBitmap Smoothes the rough edges in the bitmap.
L_SelectBitmapData Selects a specified number of bits of an 8, 12 or 16-bit grayscale bitmap and puts them into a mask, then colors the bitmap depending on the mask. This can show bitmap variances depending on user-defined conditions.
L_ShiftBitmapData Selects a specified number of bits from an 8, 12 or 16-bit grayscale bitmap into a mask and places the mask in a new 8, 12 or 16-bit grayscale bitmap.
L_SwapColors Swaps colors channels in a bitmap.
L_RemoveRedeyeBitmap Replaces the red component of the pixels with the specified color. To replace only the red component for those pixels in the eyes of the bitmap, select a small region around the eye(s).
L_TunnelBitmap Places the bitmap inside a tunnel along the Z-axis.
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