typedef struct _DOCWRTXPSOPTIONS 
   L_VOID * pReserved; 
   L_UINT32 uFlags; 

The DOCWRTXPSOPTIONS structure provides information about a Microsoft XML Paper Specification format (XPS).



Options structure containing options for XPS format.


Reserved for future use. Pass 0.


Reserved for future use. Pass 0.


pDOCWRTXPSOPTIONS is a pointer to DOCWRTXPSOPTIONS structure. Generally, where a function parameter type is pDOCWRTXPSOPTIONS, you can declare a DOCWRTXPSOPTIONS variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pDOCWRTXPSOPTIONS variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification (XPS). XPS was developed by Microsoft to provide users and developers with a robust, open and trustworthy format for electronic paper. The XML Paper Specification describes electronic paper in a way that can be read by hardware, read by software, and read by people. XPS documents print better, can be shared easier, are more secure and can be archived with confidence.

The LEADTOOLS Document Writers support creating XPS documents. The following features are supported:

The uStructSize at Options structure should be set to the size of DOCWRTXPSOPTIONS, Use the sizeof() operator to calculate this value.

Note: XPS format requires .NET framework 3.0 or later.

The structure is used by:

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