Changing the Annotation Automation Background Colors

When working with automated annotations, the background color of most objects created by a particular automation object can be changed by calling L_AnnSetBackColor for that automation object. However, the Note, Push-pin, Redact and Hilite objects cannot be changed using this function and must be handled differently.

The automation object contains 4 background color values:

When the automation object creates an object, it uses the corresponding background color. For example, if the automation object creates a Redact object, it uses the color stored for Redact objects. If the background for an object type is changed using the automation, the corresponding background color value stored for that object type is updated. Consequently, the next time the automation object creates an object of that type, the updated background color is used.

To change the background colors stored in the automation object:


To determine the current background colors stored within the automation object, use the L_AnnGetAutoBackColor.

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