Splitting a Multipage TIFF File

The following steps show how to loop through all pages of a multipage TIFF file and extract each page, process it individually, and save it into a separate file.

  1. Declare the following variables:

    BITMAPHANDLE LeadBitmap = {0};  // LEAD bitmap 
    FILEINFO FileInfo = {0};   // File info 
    L_INT PageNumber, TotalPages;   // Page numbers 
    LOADFILEOPTION LoadFileOption = {0};  // Loading options 
    char szOutFileName[MAX_PATH];  // Output file name 

  2. Determine the number of pages in the file:

    L_FileInfo("MultiPage.tif", &FileInfo, sizeof(FILEINFO), FILEINFO_TOTALPAGES, NULL);   
    TotalPages = FileInfo.TotalPages; 

  3. Loop through the pages of the file; performing specific processing on each page, then save each page to a separate file:

    L_GetDefaultLoadFileOption(&LoadFileOption, sizeof(LOADFILEOPTION)); 
    for (PageNumber=1; PageNumber<=TotalPages; ++PageNumber) 
       // Load the next image in the loop 
       LoadFileOption.PageNumber = PageNumber; 
       L_LoadBitmap("MultiPage.tif", &LeadBitmap, sizeof(BITMAPHANDLE), 0, ORDER_BGRORGRAY, &LoadFileOption, NULL); 
       // Check that it is properly loaded and allocated 
          // Perform specific processing on the page, such as flipping it 
          // Save the page to a separate file 
          wsprintf(szOutFileName, "PageNumber%4.4d.tif", PageNumber); 
          L_SaveBitmap(szOutFileName, &LeadBitmap, FILE_TIFLZW, LeadBitmap.BitsPerPixel, 0, NULL); 
          // Free the image from memory 
       } //if Allocated 
    } //for loop 

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