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Dithering Methods

The following are constants for the dithering methods:

Constant Meaning
CRF_NODITHERING [0x00000000] Use nearest color matching.
CRF_FLOYDSTEINDITHERING [0x00010000] Use Floyd-Steinberg dithering.
CRF_STUCKIDITHERING [0x00020000] Use Stucki dithering.
CRF_BURKESDITHERING [0x00030000] Use Burkes dithering.
CRF_SIERRADITHERING [0x00040000] Use Sierra dithering.
CRF_STEVENSONARCEDITHERING [0x00050000] Use Stevenson Arce dithering.
CRF_JARVISDITHERING [0x00060000] Use Jarvis dithering.
CRF_ORDEREDDITHERING [0x00070000] Use ordered dithering, which is faster but less accurate than other dithering methods.
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