Using Automated Annotations in Run Mode

Take the following steps to add code, to the existing project, that will let you display annotations in run mode and activate a button annotation.

  1. Start with the program you created in Implementing an Automated Annotation Program.

  2. Add a User Mode menu item.

    1. From the View menu, select Solution Explorer.
    2. in the Solution Explorer window, right click the LoadSave.rc item and choose View Code
    3. Add the following code to the MENU_MAIN MENU section of LoadSave.rc (items to add shown in green)
          MENUITEM "&Open...", IDM_OPEN   
          MENUITEM "&Save...", IDM_SAVE   
          POPUP "User Mode"   
              MENUITEM "Design", IDM_DESIGN, CHECKED   
              MENUITEM "Run", IDM_RUN   
          MENUITEM "E&xit", IDM_EXIT   
  3. In the Loadsave.h file, add the following defines after the define for IDM_EXIT.

    #define IDM_RUN 400 
    #define IDM_DESIGN 500 

  4. In the Window_OnCommand procedure, add the following code to the switch statement:

    case IDM_RUN: 
       L_AnnSetUserMode(hContainer, ANNUSER_RUN);   
       CheckMenuItem(GetMenu(hWnd), IDM_DESIGN, MF_UNCHECKED);   
       CheckMenuItem(GetMenu(hWnd), IDM_RUN, MF_CHECKED);   
    case IDM_DESIGN:   
       L_AnnSetUserMode(hContainer, ANNUSER_DESIGN);   
       CheckMenuItem(GetMenu(hWnd), IDM_RUN, MF_UNCHECKED);   
       CheckMenuItem(GetMenu(hWnd), IDM_DESIGN, MF_CHECKED);   

  5. Add the following case to the Window_AnnEvent procedure:

       L_UINT uType = 0; 
       L_AnnGetType((HANNOBJECT)lParam, &uType); 
       if (uType == ANNOBJECT_BUTTON) 

  6. Build LoadSave.exe.

  7. Run LoadSave.exe. Create an audio annotation. Right click on the annotation and set the file to any .wav file available on your system. Create a button annotation. Right click on the annotation and change any of the button properties you wish. On the User Mode menu, select Run Mode. As you move the cursor over the audio annotation and the button annotation, the cursor changes to a hand. Click on the audio annotation to hear the .wav file. Click on the button annotation to call the program listed under WM_LTANNEVENT.

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