typedef struct CANNYOPTIONS 
   L_UINT16 uRadius; 
   L_UINT16 uLowThreshold; 
   L_UINT16 uHighThreshold; 
   L_UINT8 uChannels; 

The CANNYOPTIONS structure provides options to be used by the L_CannyEdgedetectorBitmap function.


L_UINT16 uRadius

Parameter used to determine the radius of the Gaussian filter used inside the L_CannyEdgedetectorBitmap function.

L_UINT16 uLowThreshold

Threshold Value used to determine the low threshold for continuing the linking process.

L_UINT16 uHighThreshold

Threshold Value used to determine the high threshold for starting the linking process.

L_UINT8 uChannels

Value used to determine the channels on which to apply the Canny filter.


Stores the options for the L_CannyEdgedetectorBitmap function.

The Canny filter can be applied only on the master channel if the image is gray.

It is possible to choose more than one channel from the (Red, Green, Blue) channels.

The function returns ERROR_INV_PARAMETER if the image is gray and any of the channels chosen is a colored channel.

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