Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server provides developers with everything they need to quickly build professional audio/video multimedia streaming applications for playback on any device. This advanced technology takes any file, capture device, ONVIF-conformant camera, or UDP or RTSP stream, and converts it on the fly to a variety of formats and industry-standard protocols, including RTSP, Flash, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, HTML5, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, and Adobe HDS,.

All it takes is three lines of code to setup and start a LEADTOOLS Media Server. Developers can place this code into a service application, register the required DLLs and call it a day, which demonstrates how powerful and programmer-friendly the LEADTOOLS Media Server framework is.

var server = new Leadtools.MediaStreaming.Server(); 


Overview of LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server SDK Technology

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