Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK is an OEM-ready, document-viewing solution for .NET (C# & VB), Java, and HTML5/JavaScript. Developers can create robust, fully featured applications with rich document-viewing features, including text search, annotation, memory-efficient paging, inertial scrolling, and vector display. With only a few lines of code, the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer can be added to any project. It can be used to view raster and document formats alike, making it ideal for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), document retrieval, and document normalization solutions.

Overview of LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK Technology

Create the HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint Document Viewer with less than 20 Lines of Code

First, create your layout with generic containers:

<!-- View -->
<div id="viewer" style="height: 800px;width: 900px; float:left;"></div>
<!-- Thumbnails -->
<div id="thumbnails" style="height: 800px;width: 200px; float: left;"></div>

Then, initialize your viewer and load a PDF

window.onload = function () {
    //We need to point the service path 
    lt.Documents.DocumentFactory.servicePath = "WebApp";
    lt.Documents.DocumentFactory.serviceApiPath = "api";
    var createOptions = new lt.Documents.UI.DocumentViewerCreateOptions();
    createOptions.viewContainer = document.getElementById("viewer");
    createOptions.thumbnailsContainer = document.getElementById("thumbnails");
    //When using elements we have to style them ourself, with it set to false we use a canvas instead.
    createOptions.thumbnailsCreateOptions.useElements = false;
    createOptions.viewCreateOptions.useElements = false;
    var documentViewer = lt.Documents.UI.DocumentViewerFactory.createDocumentViewer(createOptions);
    documentViewer.view.preferredItemType = lt.Documents.UI.DocumentViewerItemType.svg;
    lt.Documents.DocumentFactory.loadFromUri("http://demo.leadtools.com/images/pdf/leadtools.pdf", null)
        .done(function (document) {

Create the .NET C# Document Viewer with less than 20 Lines of Code

// Create the UI of the application
var splitContainer = new SplitContainer { Dock = DockStyle.Fill };
// Create the document viewer using panels of a System.Windows.Forms.SplitterPanel
var createOptions = new Leadtools.Documents.UI.DocumentViewerCreateOptions();
createOptions.ViewContainer = splitContainer.Panel2;
createOptions.ThumbnailsContainer = splitContainer.Panel1;
var documentViewer = DocumentViewerFactory.CreateDocumentViewer(createOptions);
// Load a PDF document
var document = DocumentFactory.LoadFromUri(new Uri("http://demo.leadtools.com/images/pdf/leadtools.pdf"),
  new Leadtools.Documents.LoadDocumentOptions { UseCache = false });
// Ready, set in the viewer
// Now set some options, not required
documentViewer.View.PreferredItemType = DocumentViewerItemType.Svg;

Technology Related to Document Viewer