LEAD Medical Storage Server Custom Database

The LEAD Medical Storage Server is configured to use a specific database schema for storing patient, study, series, and instance information. However, the LEAD Medical Storage Server can be configured to instead use a database with a different schema to store this information. The topics within this guide describe the architecture and necessary steps to achieve this. In the Sample database for the LEAD Storage Server tutorial, you will be creating a sample SQL database and connecting it to the LEAD Medical Storage Server.

Throughout these topics, any class that is defined to allow database interaction with the new schema is prefaced by "My". This includes new classes and classes that override existing classes.

Internally, the LEAD Medical Storage Server uses the System.Data.DataSet class to act as the interface between the application and the database. Any data that is read from the database is read into a System.Data.DataSet. Likewise, any data that is written to the database is first stored in a System.Data.DataSet object, and then written to the database.

This guide is divided into topics. The first few topics describe how existing components work in the default implementation, how the default behavior needs to be modified to work with another database, and how the behavior needs to be specifically modified to work with the tutorial sample database. The last topic is the actual tutorial - it lists only the specific steps to connect the storage server to the tutorial database. The last topic covers how to restore the LEAD Medical Storage Server to use the shipping LEADTOOLS database.

Gaining a deep understand of how the data access layer works is not required to implement the custom database defined in the tutorial. After implementing the tutorial, it is recommended to read the other topics to understand how to map your schema to be used by the LEADTOOLS data access layer.

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