Creating a new External Store Add-in Introduction

Beginning with LEADTOOLS version 19, external store (cloud storage) support has been added to the LEAD end-user quality LEAD Medical Storage Server (StorageServerManagerDemo_Original.exe). The external store support is implemented as an add-in to the storage server. LEAD is shipping three external store add-ins (Atmos Cloud, Microsoft Azure, LEAD Sample). If you are not already familiar with the external store feature, see the External Store Feature for StorageServerManagerDemo_Original.exe.

The external store support allows LEAD Medical Storage Server to store/retrieve/update/delete DICOM datasets externally. This can be any external store, including a cloud service.

This document shows how a LEAD toolkit user can easily create a personal external store add-in. For simplicity, the external store will be on a local/network path. The full source code is provided in the setup in the location below. So as not to conflict with the existing external store add-in, the external store add-in has minor differences (a different GUID, member names use tutorial instead of sample). This means that both this Tutorial External Store Add-in (Leadtools.Medical.ExternalStore.Tutorial.Addin.dll) and the LEAD Sample External Store Add-in (Leadtools.Medical.ExternalStore.Sample.Addin.dll) can be used at the same time in the LEAD Medical Storage Server -- just copy both to the add-ins folder.



An external store add-in consists of the following components:

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