LEAD Video Histogram Equalize Filter User Interface (2.0)

The Video Histogram Equalize Filter filter increases the contrast and details in videos using the histogram. Equalization can be done for a single channel (Red, Green, or Blue) or for all channels (master).

Video Histogram Equalize Filter property page

The Video Histogram Equalize Filter property page provides a user interface for changing the filter's attributes.

Changes will be applied directly to the streaming media with the ability to set them permanently by selecting Apply or OK, or to abandon changes by selecting Cancel. Positioning the mouse pointer over a control displays general information for that control. The following table shows the controls and their descriptions:



Perform Histogram equalization check box

Enables/Disables the effect.

RGB8 radio button

Sets the type to RGB8.

RGB24 radio button

Sets the type to RGB24, with possible types:

Red Red Channel only.

Green Green Channel only.

Blue Blue Channel only.

Master Master Channel.

Switch to BGR mode check box

If selected, uses BGR data instead of RGB.

Use YUV space check box

If selected, YUV color space is used to create the effect.

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