Introduction to the LEAD DICOM Writer

The LEAD DICOM Writer includes DirectShow® filters that are used for creating DICOM objects with compressed video and audio data.

Key Features:

Examples of DICOM objects that can be created using the LEAD DICOM Writer component:

MPEG-2 Encoding in DICOM:

H.264/AVC Encoding in DICOM:

Note: encoding High profile video can be performed if Intel Quick Sync software encoding is used (computers without CUDA or Quick Sync hardware acceleration can do that if the Intel Quick Sync Dll is redistributed). For more information on High Profile encoding, refer to How to Enable High Profiles and Hardware Compression in the LEAD H.264 Encoder.

DirectShow filters included as part of the LEAD DICOM Writer component:

LEAD DICOM Writer Filter

LEAD MPEG-2 Encoder

LEAD MPEG-2 Multiplexer

LEAD H.264 Encoder

LEAD MPEG-2 Transport Multiplexer

LEAD ISO Multiplexer


LEAD Auto Contrast Filter

LEAD Auto Intensity Filter

LEAD Auto Level Filter

LEAD RGB Converter

LEAD Video Text Overlay Filter

LEAD Video Crop Filter

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