LEAD H265 Encoder

The LEAD H265 Encoder DirectShow filter for compressing and decompressing video data using the H.265/HEVC standard. The standard was developed jointly by ITU and MPEG and the official name is ISO/IEC 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2 and ITU-T H.265. The H.265/HEVC compression outperforms all existing standards by a factor of three to four especially in comparison to MPEG-2. It also outperforms the H264 standard by a factor of about two.

H265 is a high quality video compression algorithm suited for all types of applications with different ranges of bit rates. The compressed video data can be stored inside AVI, OGG or MPEG files with the option of saving the file with or without the audio data.

The encoder can use NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA capabilities. The encoder requires the libmfxsw32/64.dll file to be installed properly. For more information on which NVIDIA hardware supports H265, refer to CUDA Hardware Support.

NOTE: If you are using the encoder with a third-party software package, refer to your software's documentation for information on how to access the encoder's property page(s). If you do not have an application for converting multimedia files, you can download M2Convert Pro from http://www.m2solutionsinc.com/.

Set the compression options for the encoder manually through the encoder's property page, or programmatically using the filter interface.

The encoder uses SSE4 instructions, so it will run only on computers whose processors have SSE4 support. Trying to create the encoder on a computer without SSE4 support will return the LTMM_E_SSE4_NOT_AVAILABLE (0x80050051) error.

Filter Interface(s) ILMH265Encoder
Interface ID IID_ILMH265Encoder
Input Media Types Type:
MEDIATYPE_Video Subtypes:
Output Media Types Type:
MEDIATYPE_Video Subtype:
Filter CLSID CLSID_LMH265Encoder
Property Page(s) CLSID CLSID_LMH265EncoderProperty
Filter category CLSID_VideoCompressorCategory
Executable LEncH265.dll/LEncH265Krn.dll (Win32), LEncH265x.dll/LEncH265Krnx.dll (x64), DSKernel2.dll, libmfxsw32.dll (32-bit) or libmfxsw64.dll (64-bit)
Header ILEncH265.h


Win32, x64

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