Feature Description

LEAD MJPEG/MCMP video codecs for DirectShow and Media Foundation provide .NET (C# & VB) and C/C++ developers with lossless and lossy real-time compression and decompression of video data. By compressing each frame individually, MJPEG and MCMP videos provide random access to every frame. This powerful set of features gives developers the flexibility necessary to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications including video editing and streaming.

Overview of LEADTOOLS MJPEG and MCMP Video Codec Technology

What is MJPEG?

Motion JPEG, or MJPEG, is a video adaptation of the JPEG standard for still photos. It simply treats a video stream as a series of still photos, compressing each individually, with no interframe compression. Because it uses no interframe compression, it is ideal for editing.

What is MCMP?

MCMP, or Motion CMP, is a video adaptation of LEAD's proprietary CMP compression code. MCMP delivers smaller file sizes and can maintain better image quality than MJPEG with the same or better image quality.

Technology Related to MJPEG and MCMP Video Codec