LEAD Elementary Stream Writer User Interface

The LEAD Elementary Stream Writer Filter is a DirectShow filter that can be used to split a single file into separate files that are typically later merged back together by the LEAD Elementary Stream Source Filter.  The filter has the ability to split the source into a fixed number of output files, or specify a length for each output file.

The Elementary Stream Writer property page has one tab to control how the filter will split the input file. This tab is shown in the following figure:

LEAD Elementary Stream Writer Tab


LEAD Elementary Stream Writer Tab

The following fields are on this tab:

Control Description
Video Clip Method Drop-down list box: Select an item from this list to specify how the filter should split the source file. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  Count The source file is split into a fixed number of output files (specified by the 'Video Clip Count')
  Duration The source file is split into a variable number of output files. This number is dependent on the desired length of each file (specified by the 'Video Clip Duration').
  None The source file will not be split and a single output file will be created. This is the default value.
Defaults Button Click this button to reset the filter to its default settings.
Video Clip Duration edit box: The duration of each output file split from the source file. The default value is 60.0 seconds.
Video Clip Count edit box: The number of files to split the source file into. The default value is 2.
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