DICOM Writer (2.0)

The DICOM Writer makes it possible to set the pixel data of any DICOM file (existing or new), offering many options to store the DICOM file using the DICOM Writer available in the LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Filter Pack. With the DICOM Writer it is possible to  access the DICOM dataset in the file, and save any changes made to the dataset with another utility. By default the filter uses a template input file to combine the available information of this template file with the pixel data fed from up-stream. If the input file is not available, the pixel data fed from up-stream is combined with the standard classes available to the DICOM Writer.

The DICOM Writer can create uncompressed, JPEG/JPEG2000 compressed, MPEG-2 compressed (SD or HD) or H.264/AVC (SD, HD or BD-compatible) DICOM files. It has a built-in JPEG/JPEG2000 compressor but for MPEG-2 or H.264/AVC compression it needs an external compressor. The DICOM Writer is designed to be used with the LEAD MPEG-2 Encoder or LEAD H264 Encoder (4.0). It can also accept data from capture cards that output compressed MPEG-2 video.

The filter requires the LEAD raster DLLs to be present in the filter folder, or any folder in the Windows system-defined path. The filter will use the DLLs from the newest toolkit version (v19) if it finds them. Otherwise, it will use DLLs from previous versions (v17.5, v17, v16 or v15) if the latest toolkit DLLs are not found.

The following DLLs are needed:


Win32, x64

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