LEAD MPEG2 Transport UDP Source

The LEAD MPEG2 Transport UDP Source is a DirectShow filter for streaming data from a UDP or TCP port. The data is usually in an MPEG-2 Transport format, as defined in ISO/IEC 13818-1.

The filter is also capable of receiving data packetized with RTP packets in the following formats:

See the notes in the IFileSourceFilter::Load topic for more information on how to play H264 and uncompressed video.

This filter supports the standard IFileSourceFilter interface. Use the IFileSourceFilter::Load method to let the LEAD MPEG2 Transport Source filter know where to read the data from. Please see the Microsoft documentation for this interface for more information.

This filter also supports the ILMUDPSrc interface, which allows you to cancel a pending load if no data is received in a certain amount of time. See the Aborting Loading From The RTSP, ONVIF, and UDP Source Filters topic for information on how to avoid blocking the application for extended periods of time and how to abort a peding wait.

It also allows you to get the exact time at which the data was received, which allows you to save the streams and play them synchronized at a later date.

When the data streamed is in MPEG2 Transport format, the UDP source filter writes the source data to disk using the DVR Technology implemented in the LEAD DVR Sink filter. In this case, you can retrieve the ILMDVRSink interface and control the size and the location of the DVR buffer. By default, the DVR buffer is written in the Windows TEMP folder and is deleted when the UDP Source filter is released. The DVR buffer is not deleted if you use the ILMDVRSink interface to change the any of the DVR buffer settings.

The DVR Technology allows you to pause the live stream. It also allows you to convert it while you are playing it. See the Programming with the DVR Components of the LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module topic for more details.

Technical details for the filter are provided in the following table:

Filter Interfaces IFileSourceFilter, ILMUDPSrc, ILMSrcCallback, ILMDVRSink Interface
Interface ID IID_IFileSourceFilter
Input Media Types N/A
Output Media Types Type:
MEDIATYPE_Stream Subtype:
Or the media type passed to IFileSourceFilter::Load
Property Page CLSID N/A
Executable LMUDPSrc.dll, DSKernel2.dll
Filter category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory
Header ILMUDPSrc.h, ILMSrcCallback.h


Win32, x64

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