Multimedia Files You Must Include With Your DirectShow-based Application (Redistributables)

The installation procedure creates a directory tree for the LEADTOOLS files, and adds the demonstration programs and online help to your desktop. You specify the root directory during installation. The following subdirectories for the Multimedia features are created:

Redistributable Multimedia feature files for Win32 systems
Redistributable Multimedia feature files for x64 system
Redist\MM\CDLL\Win32\RequiresLicensing Redistributable Multimedia feature files for Win32 systems that require special licensing
Redist\MM\CDLL\x64\RequiresLicensing Redistributable Multimedia feature files for x64 systems that require special licensing.

The LEADTOOLS Multimedia features require Microsoft DirectShow 8.0 or later for full multimedia functionality. In particular, the QUARTZ.DLL file, which is the DirectShow kernel module, must be installed on the computer.

To save Windows Media (WMV) with full functionality (create video-only files, use custom, non-Microsoft codecs in WMV files, etc.), the latest Windows Media Components are required. These components are included in an installation package named WMFDist95.exe present in the Redist\MM folder. These components are also included in Windows Media Player 9 and later versions. Therefore, you do not need to install these components on computers that have Windows Media 9 player installed.

Note: LEADTOOLS Multimedia redistributable files are all COM-based, unless otherwise specified, and must be registered by your installation procedure.
Note: Multimedia features are provided for evaluation purposes only. You may not copy, redistribute or deploy in production any of the following files without obtaining the proper deployment license. See Multimedia Licensing.
Note: Certain standards-based technology may require patent licenses from third party patent holders. The license provided by LEAD does not include any third party patent licenses, and it is your responsibility to acquire any third party licenses that are required. In certain cases where LEAD is aware of the existence of third party patents covering a standard, LEAD has acquired a patent license that covers the LEADTOOLS SDK, but we do not have the right to sublicense the patents.  Where LEAD has acquired a patent license for a specific technology, the contact information for the patent holder/agent is supplied in the following table. LEAD makes no representations or warranties whatsoever to the effect that the patent holders mentioned constitute all persons holding patents covering the standards-based technology that is included in the Software. LEAD encourages its customers to conduct their own due diligence regarding the potential for third party patents on any features that are being incorporated into the application
Note: You may not distribute the header files with your application, and you may not provide software development capabilities in your application.
Note: To unlock the LEADTOOLS Multimedia features (LTMM), you need to unlock one of the following toolkits or modules:
Note: The Still Image filters (reader and writer) require a LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro license.
Note: The LEADTOOLS MMS Sink filter depends on Windows Media components (including WMVCore.dll). When installing this filter on Windows Server 2008 systems, you may need to install the Windows Desktop Experience feature.

The following table summarizes the files you must include on your distribution media to support the LEADTOOLS Multimedia features functions on a WIN32\x64 system.


* LEAD DirectShow components now rely on an external object to determine the operation mode: Release or Evaluation. This external object, called DSKernel, should be used to unlock/lock LEAD DirectShow modules.

** Requires additional LEADTOOLS SDK depending on which raster formats are required.

*** It is best to install the x64 runtime in the %windir%\SYSWOW64 folder instead of the  %windir%\System32 folder because some development environments (like VS8) will not import references that are placed in the %windir%\System32 folder since that is a 32-bit application.

For more information on the evaluation mechanism and the DSKernel object, please refer to the  

Evaluation Mechanism Overview  and the LMDSKernel2 Object

LEADTOOLS SDK Platform and Application-Specific Redistributables

Application-Specific For LEADTOOLS SDK core redistributables requirement of the exact assemblies and libraries to use on a specific platform and application, refer to the Files to be Included.
Application-Java-Specific For LEADTOOLS SDK core redistributables requirement of the exact assemblies and libraries to use on Java platforms and applications, refer to the Files to be Included and Files to be Included with your Java Application.
Assembly Directory For LEADTOOLS SDK installation directory information, refer to Installation Directory.
Licensing For licensing information, refer to LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing and LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing FAQ
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