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WCF Service and WebViewer Add-in Assemblies

The source code for the medical web viewer is included with the installation.

The default location for the project file is here:

The Medical Web Viewer consists of eight assemblies with source code. 

For the tutorial, you will modify and recompile two of the assemblies:

The web services in Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.WCF assembly each make use of more of the add-ins in the Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.Addins assembly.  The add-ins read the database (using a data access layer) to achieve a specific task, like authenticate a user or retrieve information about a DICOM object. The table below lists each web service, its function, and the add-ins it uses: 

Web Service Purpose Addins Used

Each web service uses the AddinsFactory class to create any of the add-ins that it requires.  The AddinsFactory constructor calls a RegisterInterfaces() method as part of its initialization.  The default implementation of RegisterInterfaces() does nothing. 

For the HTML5 Medical Web Viewer to use a custom database, you must add code to RegisterInterfaces() to register the necessary components, including:

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