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Notes on Exif Data

The Exif standard defines the following data types for comments. Usage is dependent on your development system. To see the usage, refer to the code example for your system.

The length of a comment is based on the data type. For example, a RasterTagMetadataDataType.Rational with a length of 3 is an array of 6 long integers.

When you set a comment that requires an array, the array can be zero-based or 1-based (where the first element has an index of 1). When you get a comment that is an array, it will always be zero-based (where the first element has an index of 0). When you assign comments, the ActiveX does data type conversions for you. For example, if a comment is RasterTagMetadataDataType.URational with a length of 3, you can assign an array of six integers. If you assign an invalid value, the value is ignored.

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