Feature Description

The LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework enables programmers to quickly build secure, web-based medical image-viewer applications. This OEM-ready ASP.NET web framework leverages web services and powerful LEADTOOLS features including the Medical Workstation Viewer and 3D volume reconstruction for an unsurpassed user-experience for health care professionals.


Overview of LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer Framework SDK Technology

In addition to the .NET controls and ASP.NET application in the Medical Web Viewer Framework, LEADTOOLS also includes an HTML5 / JavaScript DICOM viewer and PACS communication solution for cross-platform DICOM image viewing and processing on any desktop, tablet and mobile device.

Medical Web Viewer Framework Components

DICOM WCF Service Classes

The Medical Web Viewer WCF service classes provides the ability to query, retrieve and store DICOM and non-DICOM images. All interfaces are implemented as add-ins and include source code for easy customization.

The DICOM WCF service classes are comprised of four customizable add-ins:

ASP.NET Web Application

An ASP.NET application is provided with full source code that shows how to communicate with LEADTOOLS WCF service classes to query DICOM study and series information, retrieve and view series images, store DICOM objects and perform user-access control.

HTML Series Viewer

A light-weight, HTML based viewer is provided for fast series image viewing. This viewer can be used on any browser or mobile device including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. An HTML5 version with window level support is also included.

Workstation Rich Viewer

The Workstation Rich Viewer is a high-end .NET UserControl that provides the functionality and features required by medical professionals, device manufacturers, research facilities and anyone that has a need to view, retrieve, store and analyze 2D and 3D DICOM images.

Technology Related to Medical Web Viewer Framework