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HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer

HTML5 Medical Viewer

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and RESTful Web Services that provide a zero-footprint, platform-independent web application for displaying DICOM images from any PACS. This OEM-ready, fully-customizable web application is perfect for any developer who needs fast, lightweight DICOM viewing without sacrificing any features that healthcare professionals need.

Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer SDK Technology

  • HTML5 / JavaScript Viewer control
  • Cross-platform DICOM image display and processing on many browsers and devices
  • View DICOM images on your desktop, tablet or mobile device from your local archive or a remote third-party PACS using vendor-neutral DICOM communication
  • MVC architecture built with AngularJS
  • Extensible RESTful Web Services for performing query/retrieve and streaming DICOM metadata and image data in any format or compression
  • Fully-customizable Study and Series-level layout including support for:
    • Adjacent cells
    • Any cell location
    • Any cell size
    • Configurable layout presets
    • Empty cells
    • Overlapping cells
    • Row Symmetric and Column Symmetric
    • XML layout definitions
  • Native HTML5 Image Annotation and Markup
  • Fast, client-side tools for window level, series stack, image processing, Hounsfield Unit, Probe, Spy Glass, Shutter, Cobb Angle and more
  • Display 3D reference lines on any series, including optional simultaneous display of boundary lines (first and last)
  • Support for MPR (Multi-Planar Reformat)
  • Automated image synchronization for viewing multiple series based on the image position and orientation
  • Split series into multiple stacks
  • Apply image processing and manipulation to a single frame or entire series
  • Study timeline thumbnail preview with drag and drop support
  • Supports patient laterality, orientation and localization (Patient Projection)
  • Signed and unsigned display for extended grayscale images
  • Comprehensive support for DICOM display properties and tags
    • Modality & Linear Modality LUT
    • VOI & Linear VOI LUT
    • Min / Max Value
    • High Bit & Bits Allocated
    • Photometric Interpretation (Monochrome 1, Monochrome 2, palette color, true color etc.)
  • Overlay text showing patient and study information, metadata with configurable weight / importance, and options for permanently burning overlays into image
  • Client caching of downloaded image data for fast reloads and network traffic reduction
  • Collaboration and export options
    • Create, load, save and share annotations as Softcopy Presentation State including Compound Graphic Objects
    • Upload annotated and processed images back to server as Secondary Capture
    • Save DICOM instances to local archive
    • Generate PNG URL direct links
    • Screen capture and local printing
  • Full Cine playback support including play, pause, first, previous, forward, backward, loop etc.
  • Render DICOM Waveform data sets
  • Customizable right-click context menus
  • Indicates diagnostic quality status (derived, compressed, normal)
  • Application and audit logging interface
  • Options to manage user authentication, permissions and patients' access rights and roles
  • Supports both mouse and multi-touch (gesture) input
  • Externally/programmatically control the viewer with .NET or JavaScript
  • Zero-footprint deployment provides fast loading times for low-bandwidth clients
  • Custom database schema interfacing
  • Microsoft TypeScript-enabled for static typing and class-based object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • Compatible with Apache Cordova
  • Reduce IT overhead by centralizing the image viewer maintenance to centralized web server
  • Source code included for easy customization and branding

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LEADTOOLS SDK Products that Include the HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer

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LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite SDK

Develop powerful PACS and Medical imaging applications with LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite. Features include Zero-footprint HTML5 DICOM Viewer, Medical Web Viewer Framework, Medical 3D, DICOM Multimedia codecs, high and low-level PACS SCP and SCU functions and controls, secure PACS communication, Print to PACS, comprehensive DICOM data set support, image annotation, extended grayscale image display such as window level and LUT processing, and specialized medical image processing. Other features include lossless JPEG compression, JPIP, and signed and unsigned image data processing.

  • Desktop Browsers
    • Internet Explorer (7 and later *)
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Safari
  • Mobile and Tablet Browsers
    • Internet Explorer 10
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Android
    • Firefox Mobile
    • Opera Mobile
* For instructions on extending HTML5 capabilities to IE7 and IE8 please contact LEADTOOLS Sales ( or +1-704-332-5532)
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