typedef struct _HALFTONEDLGPARAMS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   pBITMAPHANDLE pBitmap; 
   L_BOOL bZoomToFit; 
   L_UINT uDim; 
   L_INT nAngle; 
   L_UINT32 uType; 
   L_UINT *   puInListIndexes; 
   L_INT32   nInCount; 
   L_UINT32 uDlgFlags; 
   LPPOINT pptPosition; 
   LTCOMMDLGHELPCB pfnHelpCallback; 
   L_VOID  *pHelpCallBackUserData; 

The HALFTONEDLGPARAMS structure provides information used to initialize the dialog box created by the LDialogColor::DoModalHalftone function. After the user closes the dialog box, information about the user's selections are updated in this structure.



Size of this structure, in bytes. Use the sizeof operator to calculate this value.




Flag that indicates the initial zoom level for previewing the image. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE Set the initial zoom level to "Zoom to fit".
FALSE Set the initial zoom level to "Normal (1:1)".


Value that indicates the size of the grain. Possible values range form 2 to 100. This value is ignored if uType is HT_VIEW or HT_PRINT. If uType is not HT_VIEW or HT_PRINT, uDim should be >= 1.


The angle of rotation, expressed in hundredths of degrees. Possible values range from -36000 to 36000. A value of 0 produces a horizontal halftone pattern. This parameter specifies the number of degrees to change the pattern. Positive values rotate the pattern clockwise; negative values rotate the pattern counterclockwise. This value is ignored if uType is HT_RECT, HT_CIRC, HT_RAND or HT_USERDEF.


Value that represents the halftone pattern. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
HT_PRINT [0x0000] Halftone for printing
HT_VIEW [0x0001] Halftone for display
HT_RECT [0x0002] Rectangular halftone
HT_CIRC [0x0003] Circular halftone
HT_ELLIPS [0x0004] Elliptical halftone
HT_RAND [0x0005] Random halftone
HT_LINEAR [0x0006] Linear halftone
HT_USERDEF [0x0007] User defined halftone


Pointer to a DLGBITMAPLIST structure that contains the bitmaps to halftone. Setting this before calling the LDialogColor::DoModalHalfTone function will initialize the "Available List" in the dialog. The pszDescription member of the DLGBITMAPLIST structure will be used to fill the "Available List" field(s) and the pszFileName member of the DLGBITMAPLIST structure is ignored. If NULL the HT_USERDEF and controls releated to this option will be hidden.


An array of indexes into the pBitmapList array of bitmaps. (The value in puInListIndexes[i] is the index into the pBitmapList array.) The bitmaps referenced by the indexes in this list will be included in the "Selected List" when the Halftone Dialog is first displayed. If you pass NULL "Selected List" will be empty.


Number of items in the puInListIndexes array.


Handle to the list of bitmaps which will contains all the bitmaps in the "Selected List" and that will be used in half toning if the HT_USERDEF option is selected, this member should be created throw CreateBitmapList before calling the dialog, and it is the user responsibility to destroy this list.


This member will be ignored if the pBitmapList value NULL.


User interface flags for this dialog, which determine the layout and action of the dialog. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
DLG_HALFTONE_SHOW_CONTEXTHELP [0x00000002] dialog should contain a context sensitive help icon.
DLG_HALFTONE_SHOW_PREVIEW [0x00000004] show a preview of the image in the dialog. The pBitmap member of this structure should contain a valid bitmap.
DLG_HALFTONE_SHOW_TOOL_ZOOMLEVEL [0x00000008] show the "Zoom to fit" and "Zoom Normal" toolbar buttons. The DLG_HALFTONE_SHOW_PREVIEW flag must be set in order to show these buttons.







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