ltmmPlay_StillTap Constants

typedef enum ltmmPlay_StillTap 
   ltmmPlay_StillTap_None = -1, 
   ltmmPlay_StillTap_Source = 0, 
   ltmmPlay_StillTap_Processors = 1 
} ltmmPlay_StillTap; 

The ltmmPlay_StillTap Constants define the point at which the still image is captured in the player object.




[-1] No tap. The tap will be removed if it is already in place. If this option is set, no still images will be captured using IltmmPlay::GetStillDIB, IltmmPlay::GetStillPicture, IltmmPlay::SaveStillDIB or IltmmPlay::SaveStillBitmap.


[0] The tap is before the processors. The captured still image will be unprocessed.


[1] The tap is after the processors (default). The captured still image is processed by all added video processors, in the order the processors were added.

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