#include "ltmm.h"

C Syntax

HRESULT IltmmCapture_put_TargetFile(pCapture, CaptureFile)

C++ Syntax

HRESULT put_TargetFile(CaptureFile)

IltmmCapture *pCapture;

pointer to an interface

BSTR CaptureFile;

file name

Sets the media target to a file.




Pointer to an IltmmCapture interface.


Character string that contains the receive the media data file name.



The function was successful.

<> S_OK

An error occurred. Refer to the Error Codes or the HRESULT error codes in the DirectShow documentation.


This function allows the user to set the output of the capturing process to the specified file name. If the target format set using IltmmCapture::put_TargetFormat is ltmmCapture_TargetFormat_DVD, then the newVal parameter contains the directory in which the DVD image is located. Otherwise, newVal contains the name of a media file. If the newVal parameter refers to a directory, it should contain the full path to the directory. A relative path can be used, but it is not recommended because relative paths are somewhat unpredictable. If the target format type is ltmmCapture_TargetFormat_DVD and newVal contains the name of an existing file, that file will be deleted, and a directory/folder will be created with the same name.

The filename can be used to indicate a regular file or a stream.

The ResetTarget function should be called to stop the capture object from accessing the file or stream. The TargetType will be set to ltmmCapture_Target_File.

For more details on the filename syntax, refer to:

TargetFile syntax
Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64

See Also


IltmmCapture::get_TargetFile, IltmmCapture::get_TargetType, IltmmCapture::ResetTarget, ltmmCapture_Target Constants


Multimedia Function Groups


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TargetFile syntax


For a C example, refer to Advanced Capture Application for C.

For a C++ example, refer to Advanced Capture Application for C++.

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